About The Restaurant


Chef Jim Christiansen

Jim Christiansen grew up in Minnesota and has spent most of his life working in the local restaurant community. During an internship with Tim McKee at La Belle Vie in Stillwater, Jim fell in love with cooking. He went on to work at various McKee restaurants, including Solera, La Belle Vie, Sea Change with Erik Anderson, and the former, critically acclaimed Il Gatto. In winter 2012, Jim had a short internship at the renowned Noma in Copenhagen, where learning to question the current state of food helped open his mind to new ideas about cooking. Heyday is his first solo restaurant.

Jim's focus is on cuisine that is light, seasonal, and delicious. His time spent learning the importance of wild food at Noma has informed the food at Heyday, and connecting diners with Minnesota's harvest is foremost in his mind when cooking. Since Heyday opened in April 2014, Jim Christiansen has been recognized as a Food & Wine Best New Chef (2015) and a James Beard nominee as Best Chef Midwest (2015/2016).



Dear Heyday Guests,

As you may or may not be aware, there are numerous changes taking effect in the area of compensation law at the Federal, State, and local levels.  These changes will have large consequences for countless industries and businesses, but likely none greater than the impacts to the hospitality business.

The Heyday management team has assessed how we can make our business work under these new guidelines without compromising the quality of food, service or character that defines who we are.  Heyday has always focused on making our restaurant a great place to work, relax and entertain; therefore, our efforts in this process were focused on finding a way to not have these regulations and changes negatively impact our guests or our employees. 

The solution we arrived at is one that we feel accomplishes our primary goal of not changing the costs to you or costing our employee’s compensation, but it does change the way the restaurant is run and the way your bill is calculated.

First, all full-time front of house employees, including servers, are now paid a salary in accordance to the U.S Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule with other benefits including paid vacation time.  In addition, employees that remain on an hourly basis are being paid a fair, sustainable and viable wage.  In order to make this work, we are implementing an approach that many of the great restaurateurs in America have already adopted.  That approach requires a couple of changes that are simple, but that alter some things that you are accustomed to.  Those changes are:

  • Providing our employees a consistent, reliable salary and treating them like the professionals that they are.
  • Charging an administrative fee of 15%.  This fee acts as the tip for your server, but additional tips are welcome if you deem fit.

We understand this will change how you have grown accustomed to receiving your bill. We want to assure you that this change was made with careful consideration as to how we could avoid passing these changes on to you in the form of higher prices, while also insuring we did not have to reduce our staff’s compensation or compromise the quality of your meal or service. 

As stated previously, your service is included in your bill. However, if you feel your server is deserving of additional recognition, you are welcome to provide them with additional gratuity.  Please note: groups of 8 or more will be charged a 15% administrative charge plus an additional 5% to cover gratuity for the team (equaling 20%) as has been customary at Heyday since we first opened.

We look forward to continuing to serve you, our guests, while providing a great working environment for our fabulous team of employees.